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THE SSL/TLS (Transport Security Layer) FREAK VULNERABILITY How secure is HTTPS? Not as good as experts claim it to be if you be believe a new research. The latest SSL/TLS vulnerability dubbed as 'FREAK', have the ability to intercept HTTPS connections between the servers and the clients & force them to use a certain "export-grade" cryptography which can easily be tinkered or decrypted. The vulnerability has been dubbed 'FREAK' for Factoring RSA Export Keys.

Every user these days relies on PDFs for one reason or another. Its is very common to compress image so that more data can be transferred around in less space without compromising on the quality. A researcher has now claimed that lossy image compressor can be maliciously used to integrate malware within the PDF files which can be used to exploit the system. The previous theory was about using various filters which could take advantage off to plant the malware. Many text encoders as well as comm

The best quality video viewing device known as the Blu-Ray player can easily be hacked through 2 different approaches, stated British hacker Stephen Tomkinson. He claimed about having built a disc which has the capabilities of detecting the player's type which can execute it's own special programs before continuing to play the desired video on the disc without the knowledge of it's user. This attack can be used to carry further attacks on to the target network or get hold of sensit

The trusted world's leading mobile operating system iOS has chinks in it's armour. It was reported earlier in late november on the iOS Masque attack which included replacing a legit application already on the phone with a malicious one through SMSs, mail & web and stealing the sensitive information including logins of user's account.The researchers at FireEye have found that the new set of iOS Masque Attack have become more refined which makes them more volatile than the previous edition. This t

Uber, the san francisco based taxi app startup is in news again for the wrong reasons. The company blog on 27th february reported about a security breach in their database. The third party behind this attack is yet to be identified. The company claims that the breaking took place on 13th May 2014 with a exposure of close to 50,000 accounts which were withholding their contracted driver's names & licence but formed only a small portion of their overall database. As reported by Katherin

Antivirus software company Bitdefender has reported top 10 adware apps available on Google Play. The apps which include "what is my ip" still existing in Google Play, has been playing havoc in users' smartphone as well as PCs. These so called "Google Play adware" apps are integrated with sophisticated malware which makes users either subscribe to a premium-rated numbers with the help of scareware messages or get more apps installed with a even higher number

In one of the biggest findings of the year after a series of disclosures since last 8 months it is now clear beyond doubt that the famous content framework "Joomla" is in the eye of the storm from attackers with malicious intents. The modus operandi is pretty clear with running exploitation campaigns which comprises a large numbers of servers, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers, which is being used to push malware and phishing campaigns as well as to serve as zombies in distribu

Chile Defence Ministry's website was hacked on late Monday night with hacker leaving a message Hacked on the homepage along with the username as Saddam Hussein on the official website. Sorry Admin Because Your Site Security is Low We Are ISIS, read the message in english on the homepage while the message in the Spanish read, "Somos ISIS, no me olviden (We are ISIS, don't forget me) & al es el nico DIOS (allah is the only GOD). The hack occurred around 22:30(national time) bu

The iCloud hack saga refuses to die as now the well-known momager of the famous reality show keeping up with the kirdashians, will be revealing more facts in the up coming season of the reality show. It has been reported that jenner will be talking about a video being stolen in which she allegedly appear naked, was stored on her iCloud account. The 59 year-old momager alleges about her account being specifically targeted & hacked as well as with the CCTV footage. The alleged n


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Amazon Malware Email ? An email has been doing the rounds recently on the internet which is being delivered to random users throughout the world. The email mentions about the order notification message from the e-commerce giant Amazon. The email is in the form of online generated bill receipt which is usually issued to the user after he/she makes any online purchase through Amazon website. It is a bait that the hackers have developed it to entrap the users into opening