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Is Google Spying on You?

Posted By: Ljsingh / Apr 8, 2015 / Google, Spying

Ever wondered about being snooped online by the big tech companies? Does it raise an alarm in your head? Yes, big tech giants from Amazon to Apple keeps a record of your online activities but no one does it like, Google. The most important word toddlers learn these days after mom and dad is Google. For almost every online user, internet is google and google is internet. The tech company has hundreds of tools for it's users which make their life simpler day after day. But convenience comes at a p

PaloAlto Networks discover Vulnerability in Android Installer which may lead to hijacking of Android and expose users to Malware installation without their consent. Malware Distribution has always be the favorite work of Cybercriminals to attack the users and get money out of it. Whether Banking malware or whether System malware, each of them have same target - making money for their author. Malware are spread by their authors in various ways. Everyday Researchers discover these new ways cybe

The wait is over for new version of Google Chrome! Chrome 41 or 41.0.2272.76 has been released for download with major fixing of 13 high-severity and 6 medium-severity vulnerabilities identified by experts & researchers, with more than 50 other issues of security has been addressed including: A number of new apps/extension APIs Lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance Google handed out a total of $14,500 to the researchers and experts for identifying these Google

THE SSL/TLS (Transport Security Layer) FREAK VULNERABILITY How secure is HTTPS? Not as good as experts claim it to be if you be believe a new research. The latest SSL/TLS vulnerability dubbed as 'FREAK', have the ability to intercept HTTPS connections between the servers and the clients & force them to use a certain "export-grade" cryptography which can easily be tinkered or decrypted. The vulnerability has been dubbed 'FREAK' for Factoring RSA Export Keys.

Antivirus software company Bitdefender has reported top 10 adware apps available on Google Play. The apps which include "what is my ip" still existing in Google Play, has been playing havoc in users' smartphone as well as PCs. These so called "Google Play adware" apps are integrated with sophisticated malware which makes users either subscribe to a premium-rated numbers with the help of scareware messages or get more apps installed with a even higher number

In one of the biggest findings of the year after a series of disclosures since last 8 months it is now clear beyond doubt that the famous content framework "Joomla" is in the eye of the storm from attackers with malicious intents. The modus operandi is pretty clear with running exploitation campaigns which comprises a large numbers of servers, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers, which is being used to push malware and phishing campaigns as well as to serve as zombies in distribu

Google Vietnam DNS Hijacked GOOGLE Vietnam's Primary webpage had its DNS hijacked. The responsibility for the hack was claimed by a group called  Lizard Squad. The where abouts of the group were still untraced! ( screenshot of the twitter handle of Lizard Squad claiming responsibility) Over a period of 2 days, it was observed that the DNS infrastructure was turned from usual Google name servers (, to CloudFlare (